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Eternal thanks to our Kickstarter supporters! We could not have done it without you.

Eternal thanks to our Kickstarter supporters!  We could not have done it without you.

Hi there!  It's Neil and Lisa.  We want to take this moment to acknowledge and send a shout out and virtual hugs to our Kickstarter family. Thank you! We appreciate you all so very much:

Michelle Calderwood 
Jessica Y 
Shelly Fischer 
"That One Chick" 
Dan Multer 
Hip-Hop Feminist 
Mulqueen family 
Theresa Weissenborn 
Andy Cohen 
Mark from Jersey 
Brian and Amy Decker 
Callie Palen-Lowrie 
Nina Spearman 
Mary Beth K. 
Carrie F 
Carrie Roswell 
The Leonard family 
Jenifer Strugger 
Sylvia & Bob 
Marc "Chocko" McCann 
Stephanie V. 
Danielle Hinton 
Chris Eiring 
Mutter family 
Karen A 
Patrick Koontz 
Genie and Tom Malone 
Felice P. 
Mats Lervik 
Sophie, Zach, and Andy 
Emma Waters Hauser 
Judi Bunker 
Elena Costales 
Sue-Rae Rosenfeld 
Studio Cute 
Susan Hannigan 
Karen Gaddis 
Rita James 
Stephanie Hempen 
Ron & Kathy Burdick 
Amy and John Metzger 
Jacob E. 
The Duca family 
The Pidgeons 
Ann and Milton 
The Hunt family 
Marty Steinberg 
Teddy Kean 
Kendall family 
The Sprengers 
Kathleen Urbanic and Ted Barber 
Margretta & John Risi 
Molly Tindle 
Godfrey family                                                                                           The Nathanson clan
The Grosels 
Steve-O Farrell 
The Robbins Nest 
Hose                                                                                                                     Various Kean and Hardwick family members - you know who you are. Thank you. 

If you supported us and your name is not on here because you didn't get a chance to complete our survey a few weeks ago, please let us know. 

We would LOVE to add your name to our list. Just know, whether your name is listed here or not, if you supported us in any way, we are so very grateful. 

Lisa and Neil 



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