Keeping foods safe and allergen free

The founding mission of Bolder Free-From Foods is providing allergen safe treats that families can trust.  We know how important this is first hand because of the challenges we have had finding safe foods for our own severely allergic kids.  

When we ask a company, store or restaurant if a food is allergen free and they reply that we "should" be OK, we won't eat it.  "Should" has never been safe enough for our kids - we need to know they will be safe.  We have experienced reactions from shared lines, shared utensils and shared facilities.  We know that cross contamination happens in these shared environments and we know that accidents happen.  That is why we build a completely dedicated facility and will NEVER allow any of the top 8 allergens through our doors.  

The top 8 food allergens account for more than 80% of food allergies so we focus on these.

We hold our suppliers to the same strict standards.  We interview each supplier to make sure that our ingredients are all made in top 8 allergen free facilities.  This has been a huge effort, but we have no doubt how important it is and it is worth the extra effort to know that all BFF Foods are completely safe.

Our top 8 allergen free 3 tiered safety net

The final step in our top 8 allergen-free safety net is lab testing.  We test all batches of BFF Foods for the presence of top 8 allergens before shipping any product out to you.  

We would not send any BFF Foods to customers if they are not safe enough for our own kids.  For us, this is the ultimate testament of food safety.  We hope you agree.